Beauty On Lockdown Week 5: My Quarantine Skincare Routine

Hello KPB Society,

Hang in there. We will get through this together with hope, and lots of beauty products to keep us sane. I am yet hopeful and with millions of others around the world that the CDC will have a vaccine soon. Thank you to all the first responders for putting their lives on the lines during this sensitive.

I hope this weekly blog post finds you reading in peace while relaxing in your home. As for this glow queen, I still haven't been able to make some normalcy in my life since the #StayHome #StayHealthy order has been in place. This is the week I didn't even put on any makeup. I stopped wearing mascara and even eyelashes.

My quarantine skincare routine has been super simple; a gentle nectar scrub and of course Kahlua Parker Beauty Chocolate Radiance Facial Oil. I Let Glo and Let God.

If you've been with me during this glamdemic then you know that around week two, just doing making on my self and going outside to take a selfie is literally =driiving me crazy. I need to create ART! I miss my client's faces. I miss waxing multiple body parts especially my VAJACIALS! It's about to summertime and. I have literally waxed and picked ever hair that thought it wanted to grow.


Now, what???

Calling all my hairy friends. Oh, wait I forgot we are social distancing! Instead of freaking out, I turn to my faith, family, and my fabulosity.

Forever #ChocolateRadiancevibes ... even during the quarantine. #KahluasKonfessions

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Kahlua Parker

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*** Appts will resume once the #StayHome order has been lifted. ***

Spa from home with the Chocolate Radiance Collection by Kahlua Parker

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