The Chocolate Radiance Collection by Kahlua Parker

In the famous words of American Actress NeNe Leaks, "I have arrived honey and the spotlight is on me." After five years of giving every ounce of my blood, my glistening sweat, waterproof tears, and hustling in heels, I introduce to you, my family, friends, foes, and the world wide web the Chocolate Radiance Collection by Kahlua Parker.

A luxurious collection of skincare for your body; infused with high quality and natural ingredients that provides a healthy barrier to environmental free radicals while keeping the skin with a healthy, youthful radiance.

I personally, have researched and curated the formulas for this collection. As a Licensed Esthetician, I wanted this collection to cure my dry skin without leaving greasy spots on my clothes and anything I touched. Without compromising my obsession for all things luxury, I wanted my first collection to be affordable while offering five-star results.

After years of working as a Hollywood Makeup Artist in the television and film industry, I have personally seen how constant hair and makeup changes begin to take a toll on the skin. I quickly learned that prepping the actor's face was mandatory for long filming days. Skincare preparation is also essential for the beauty makeup industry as well. Applying a hydrating primer is a must, especially on the days when I need to create a flawless makeup look without looking like I have a ton of makeup on.

I created this amazing, facial glow oil that can be used as a primer before applying a matte foundation. You want the skin to breathe and stay hydrated underneath all of the makeup. The Chocolate Radiance collection contains a luxurious blend of exotic oils that nourishes the skin keeping it healthy, happy, and hydrated.

The Chocolate Radiance Collection includes a facial oil, exfoliating body scrub, hydrating body butter, soothing fragrance oil, and the perfect nude lipstick.

Let your skin naturally shine!


The Chocolate Radiance Collection

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