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As a child I would ask my mother, “why do people stare at me for long periods of time and not speak?” She replied, “Ladies are to be seen and not heard. Look at you, you are beautiful. Beauty is what beauty does. Just smile and keep minding your business”.

Beauty is what beauty does huh?

Well look who showed up and showed out in the summer of 2020.

In six decades, not only did you impact my life but the lives of all you encountered. Even if it was just for a moment! 

Chula, you are the lady that brings the bankers homemade cookies! Chula, you are the lady that brings inspirational gifts to the essential post office workers when you buy your stamps!

Chula, you are the lady at the church that always seems to know just the right scripture to say to someone's spirit and at the right time! Chula, you are the lady that the young people of every generation could relate to!

You always told me that I was your first, your last and your everything. What you didn’t tell me was that there would be a time when you would only exist through my priceless memories with you! Who knew you were Miss Vogue runner up at Blount High School Class of 1973.

You would think that by being the only child I would have a tough time considering all eyes were on me. However, my mother was so understanding and allowed me to live out my amazing life, after all she did call me her Golden Child!

But don’t get it twisted, Chula made sure I made time for my love of glamour, educational goals and God! 

I love you mommy. My Forever 33 Glamour Mom. Enjoy your sunset this summer.

- The Golden Child 

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