I Am A Quarantine Cutie

KPB Society,

The COVID-19 pandemic has the entire world quarantine. We are required to stay home unless you are going out to get essentials items only. Finding the perfect spring color lipstick is essential for my summer makeup look. During this time, as an artist, I continue to seek happiness and hydration. In keeping with my mantra; pray, eat, and makeup, I have transformed into a quarantine cutie. The government is requiring the nation to stay in our homes until April 19th while the CDC gets control of this deadly virus that is rapidly spreading throughout the United States.

With all this beauty on lockdown, I could choose to panic and focus on the negative. Instead, I choose to create life through my artistry. Join me as I quarantine and slay in the living room that I currently converted into my personal runway show.

Will you be my quarantine bestie during the pandemic? Let's exchange DIY tips on all things skincare, makeup, fashion, and more.

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