Beauty On Lockdown Week 35: COVID Conversations

KPB Society,

The Wait 2.0

You have been praying, fasting, and even holding your tongue from your wicked enemies. Well, the wait is over. Moisturizer and give it to God. During this pandemic, I have been learning to trust and listen to the voice of God. I called upon the Lord to look deep within myself to find the answer to heal my pain. Days of confusion has turned into weeks of despair, and months of hopelessness.

With God on my side, I will not fear because I have already planted spiritual seeds of peace and prosperity. The wait is over. I am victorious! Your blessings are on the way. Step back and let God handle your enemies. (Luke 8:3) Man has no heaven or hell to put you in. Nails are too hard to come by nowadays. And I will not be breaking a nail unless I have to.

Smiling through my tears each week until this pandemic is over.

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