Beauty On Lockdown Week 22 - 24: Gracefully Broken

Hello KPB Society,

First let me say Thank You to all the KPB Society members for sticking with me through this chaotic covid pandemic. I know we had big plans for the 2020 Chocolate Radiance Launch. We will resume with our events soon. I personally want you to know that I appreciate all your emails, DM's, text messages, cards, and endless phone calls.

Thank you for always supporting me and the entire KPB brand. Between shipping delays, out of stock items, and longer postal lines, I personally struggle with finding time to blog/vlog in fear that my message will get distorted by negative social media comments.

Have you ever felt like you were so broken, so hurt, so damaged that in order to heal, in order for you to become whole again; you had to just remain still?

Psalms 46:10 'Be still and know that I am God."

For the past six weeks, God has been breaking me into ways that all I could do is be still and know that . I am protecting my faith, guarding my mind from evil thoughts, and walking purposefully with a pure heart into my destiny. My forever 33 glamour mom, the woman who gave my life a new meaning, has departed from this earlthy world. I'm left feeling empty, lost, and abandoned. The body she created feels numb to the pain of her absence. My RBF is now a waterfall of tears.

I do not have all the answers. Instead, I lead with love by sharing an uplifting word and or wellness tip that will help us all get through this pandemic together. Happy and hydrated. Safe and Healthy.

You may not understand the what the hell is going on?

You may not understand the why this is happening to me?

You may not understand the when is this going to end?

Continue to pray to protect your spirtman.

Continue to eat to nourish your physical man.

Continue to makeup with the ones you love.

Until next time. Continuing to smile through my tears one week at a time.


Kahlua Parker

IG: @KahluaParkerBeauty

*** Appts will resume once the Stay Home order has been lifted. ***

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