Beauty On Lockdown Week 20: Homeless Chic

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I pray this pandemic update finds you and your family in good health. These past few weeks have been very exhausting. The phone calls and texts wouldn't stop; More deaths, more COVID-19 positive results, more injustice of people of color. As we continue to stay indoors in efforts to reduce the spread of the corona virus. My wardrobe is not giving me life. These past few months, I barely get out of bead or get any sleep for that matter, so whats the purpose in getting dressed when there is nowhere to go! The runway is closed until further notice. I've played dress up for the millionth time. I literally can go shopping, go to bank, go to grocery shopping, and order up any other form of entertainment I need from my bed.

My homeless chic wardrobe consist of a luxuriously collection of comfort: soft rob, a pair of cotton socks, stylish ergonomic slippers, and a sexy yet appropriate lounge wear set just in case I have to go to door to pick up a package. We are in week 20 of being self quarantined and I think now I'm starting to lose my fashionable mind. I really need more coffee, more love over labels.

Every morning I wake up blessed to breathe on my own, healthy and hydrated. Take some time while you're putting on those same sweat pants from last week to appreciate the small things in life. Let your light shine indoors by adding a pop of color to our already boring days. Until next time; pray, eat, and makeup.


Kahlua Parker

IG: @KahluaParkerBeauty

*** Appts will resume once the #StayHome order has been lifted. ***

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