Beauty On Lockdown Week 12: Pandemic Break Ups

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The pandemic has everyone laying on an emotional edge. You are one comment, one eye staring, one misunderstanding away from ending your relationship. We have been working from home. Schooling from home. Luxuriating from home. And now breaking up at home. And that goes for all relationships; personal, business, and spiritual. We are breaking up over the small trifling things. We are all human. We all have human emotions. We all have feelings. It is a natural reaction to protect what is yours.

This is my life. I must protect it.

This my skin. I must protect it.

This is my heart. I must protect it.

These are my emotions. I must protect it.

This is my legacy. I must protect it.

Whether you are guarding your heart or protecting your privacy during this COVID-19 pandemic, tensions are at an all times high. Racial tension. Family tension, Church vs State tension. Economical tension. Social tension.

Call me what you want? Get it out. Does it make you feel better? I'm ready to kiss and makeup. I’ve been called:

A black bitch.

A bum bitch.

A fake bitch.

A ugly bitch.

A skinny bitch.

A fat bitch.

Oh but a broke bitch? Not that is when you begin to insult my intelligence.

Broke bitch? My mind is FREEDOM! I own me!

I choose to rise above your ignorant texts and your useless emotional rants to fight back with my integrity.

I choose not to respond to you attacking my choices in black love.

Broke Gangsta???

Instead, I choose to respond with intelligence by sticking to the facts and getting out of my feelings.

The only thing that is broke is your mind to think I would ever consider your words to hold any value in my life. If you think mirroring your relationship goals makes logical sense that others would envy of, then you too are a broke bitch or Nah? LOL.

Bottom line. Resist the devil and he will flee. Open up your mind, hearts, and soul to love again. Forgive. Lead with love. Lead with a desire to understand the other person's point of view in order to evoke a sincere human change.

xoxo, Kahlua Parker


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