Beauty On Lockdown Week 12: Pampering During The Pandemic

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OMG! Can you believe it's been almost been three months that we've been in quarantine together? We (and I'm including our skin) and I have been in the house depressed for the past few weeks. How can this craft queen stay inspired? With shaky delivery times, the enthusiasm of any DIY project has fizzled out.

This week I decided to share with you a few of the pampering activities I do to keep sane and cute while trapped in the house. The first thing I do when I wake up is Pray. Some call it mediation, channeling your energy; whatever you want to call it, just RELAX! I meditate by either listening to my slow deeps breaths or listening to classical instrumental music. Where I live in the early mornings you can hear the birds chirping as the sun kisses the new day.

Press Pause. Keep it simple.

Repeat after me.


For an extra inner boost, I'll treat my body to a relaxing CBD detox tea by Laso Tea. This tea contains hemp extract that naturally soothes my body from the inside out, improves circulation, and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Now, these next steps include soothing the skin with Kahlua Parker Beauty products; a real-life luxury skincare line for the ashy socialite. Being stuck in the house all day is the perfect time to reconnect and get intimate with your skin. Kiss and makeup.

The Chocolate Radiance Collection consists of all-natural body butter, scrubs, oils, and moisturizers. All KPB products are available to purchase online exclusively through our website. Shop now. Curbside pickup will be available soon.

xoxo, Kahlua Parker

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Will you be my quarantine makeup bestie during the pandemic?



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