Beauty On Lockdown Week 14: Holding On To My Faith And My Moisturizer

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We survived another week of being on lockdown happy and hydrated. My prayer is that you are staying happy and hydrated during these uncertain times. This pandemic has definitely increased in faith and my prayer life; teaching me to pray without ceasing. I like using beauty and wellness analogies to spread love and life into the world. That’s my ministry.

How will you release your faith?

A kind word or gesture of love is a great way to start. Helping and serving others gives me a sense of peace, joy that surpasses the world’s understanding. I am over here minding my business releasing my Abraham kind of faith. We are living in the last days where tired souls need to rest in order to cry out the pain, frustration, and anger that’s weighing your heart down.

Believe in your faith as you believe in your favorite moisturizer. Stand firm in your faith, never wavering like your favorite makeup foundation. Faith is the hopefulness, assurance, confidence, a spiritual covenant with God.

Hebrews 11:1 reads

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for

and the evidence of things not seen. "

What does my faith look like?

Every morning after I cleanse my face, I slather KPB Chocolate Radiance Facial Oil on my face with the faith that these luxury ingredients are going to work. That’s what my faith looks like. We put trust in man-made products but we will not out our trust in a God that gives us unlimited blessings.

xoxo, Kahlua Parker

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Will you be my quarantine makeup bestie during the pandemic?



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