Beauty On Lockdown Week 9: Red Lipstick Over Everything

KPB Society…

We made it through another week of this mandatory quarantine. I hope you are continuing to stay home and stay healthy. I have been at home in self-quarantine, waxing, writing, and waiting for my life to get back to somewhat of a normal situation. All this COVID-19 uncertainty is really affecting not only my career, my love life, but most importantly my beauty life.

I need a human professional touch!

I need to touch your skin! I need to touch your face!

You need a Professional Facialist in your life, especially during these stressful times.

Health and Wellness professionals need to go back to work. With all the political uncertainty, constant economical changes, State-mandated curfews, and heighten racial tensions, millions of Americans are needed an outlet to release stress.

Honestly, these past few months have been difficult for the KPB brand as a whole. My schedule is full of rescheduled and canceled appointments until indefinite. Since I’m not totally on board with the whole idea of applying and reapplying makeup looks on myself especially when I don’t have anywhere to go, it is getting creatively boring. I’ve had to push back the launch of my second skincare collection in order to save my mental sanity.

Armed with one of my favorite red lipstick, I refuse to give up.

When all else fails…give it to God and Glow up.

xoxo, Kahlua Parker

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xoxo, Kahlua Parker

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*** Appts will resume once the #StayHome Executive order has been lifted. ***

Spa from home with the CHOCOLATE RADIANCE Collection by Kahlua Parker

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